Sunday, October 31, 2010

juno is fun...

i know i'm meant to be writing my blog but i'm watching tv instead, because sunday is for the god fearing, or something like that. anyway juno is on tv and it's a great film... i suppose i can do two things at once!! maybe... i went to a market today and i really didn't enjoy it so much. especially when i almost got chased off the site because, well, i run another market. i was there with my daughter to buy a birthday present, really, and it's kind of comical how serious market business has become!!! i fell into this game by default; a direct result of returning to my childhood city which has no industry whatsoever from my previous incarnation as a filmmmaker. the whole red lantern lead-up has had me thinking about film, a lot, so maybe once it's all finished i may start thinking of a little film festival or something. maybe there are some filmmakers out there that may want to come to red lantern and show their film or project it on a building or down one of the alleyways??? just to have a little bit of a film presence... a little bit like this image below. you're welcome to... so contact me if you want to come and we'll sort something out. so happy halloween everyone. hopefully your children are all off the walls by now or if you're a big kid, without any kids, have a nice night. zaijian!!!

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