Monday, October 18, 2010

it's time to get down to business....

elizabeth chev rollet roger

I've been watching films for inspiration, walked around the mall like i'm slightly 'touched' while i'm thinking of possibilities and talk, talk, talking. so now down to the nitty gritty.... i have a lot to do and 33 days to make it happen. the liquid mercury is rolling in the right directions..  my postbox has been full of nice thick envelopes. but still.... oh well!! so, i'll put my hand into the hat and pull out a name and tell you a little about that stallholder. drum-roll.....elizabeth chev rollet roger... yes, it's a delicious mouth full, i know!! well she is one of the creative girls at makespace, a fantastic renew newcastle project, opposite david jones in wolfe st. it is a colourful blast of creativity in there and you should check it out... back to elizabeth. she makes fantastic bags out of all sorts of materials and has just started working with cane toad leather!!! it's actually rather lovely and very soft! anyway, she also makes funky little fascinators, hair pieces and upholsters lots of great stuff.  i haven't seen her in action but she also partakes in rollerderby!! a true renaissance lady all round! anyway she will be at red lantern... more later... enjoy your evening!

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