Tuesday, October 12, 2010

indonesian music

today i talked to efendi jaenudin a lovely Indonesian musician who will play at red lantern with his ensemble on november 20th. i was really inspired earlier this year when i visited wellington, new zealand, and went to that gorgeous city's asian night market. it was a really fantastic market as was wellington really. in many ways it reminded me of newcastle and we could really try and emulate some of what is going on in windy wellington- although it wasn't for the week i spent there. anyway, it was the week of the international arts festival and the market was held on the harbor. there were lots of fantastic elements and i'll add a few photos from there today. wellington has a large international student population and many asian students. the festival was great in that it really included the student population as well as the many asian communities that call wellington home. in no way can i hope to pull off the same type of festival this time around, it would take at least a year in the making, but my aim down the track is to do just that. that said this year i really do want, and aim, for red lantern to have more of an asian flare than our first year did. so anyone out there who has contacts in local chinese, indonesian, thai, singaporean, malaysian, vietnamese and Indian communities i would love to hear from you. as well as all the other asian communities i've left out... back to efendi though! he played at the last olive tree market and i'm excited to hear and see his ensemble play at red lantern. more later... by the way, i keep putting photos up that then disappear and leave only a ? any ideas on that??? i've lots more from wellington that keep disappearing as did my one from old newcastle of the chinese community??

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