Monday, October 11, 2010

red lantern

a different image... as mine keeps disappearing

today I have been thinking all things asian. chinese really. It's had me wondering about the history of newcastle's chinese community... I haven't been able to find out a great deal but will contact the chinese association tomorrow. they are just down the road in lovely wickham. i searched the online photographic catalogue from newcastle library without much luck. except for the one below which I think is quite beautiful. who were the people i wonder? it seems to be taken in front of a church. i think i'm about to embark on my own private film festival as inspiration for red lantern. last night i watched memories of a geisha. which isn't a favourite but had some lovely costumes. i'm more interested in re-watching the films of hong kong filmmaker wong kar whai. particularly, in the mood for love, which is a visually sumptuous film and very beautiful... lots of scenes at markets where the main character have take away 1960's hong kong style. i saw that film at the lyrique/showcase which is no more.... if you haven't seen it make sure you do. the cinematographer is the amazingly talented australian cameraman christopher doyle.  he is an interesting subject himself.... but i'm veering off track, again.

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