Friday, October 15, 2010

the red tape that could rap the world like christo...

today the day was meant to be sunny! instead the emails could have wrapped a small suburbs in code... sometimes i crave the chaos of italy. my dear friend lives in sicily and often in her town of catania people have 'happenings'... called this, i suppose, because things just, well, happen! i went to a disco in the middle of a cactus farm. another was in the middle of an orange grove where a japanese dj played fantastic music and an impromptu installation had wooden bloats full of burning candles floating around in a dam....anyway... sometimes a bit of chaos would be good for us anglo types. so tonight, on this path to red lantern night market, i decide to take on the shape of a warrior woman. like in crouching tiger hidden dragon.... it is year of the tiger of course. an indian friend told me that tomorrow there is an indian community celebration on at the ethnic communities council. i'd like to go and enjoy some indian culture and perhaps find some indian food stallholders for red lantern. i think it is on from 4-8pm at the ecc.... til tomorrow.

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