Wednesday, December 8, 2010

its sufficiently steamy for an asian night market...

gong li in 'raise the red lantern'
well, we've reached that time of year were those of us without air-conditioners have sweat running down our backs. how is it that those beautiful ladies in vietnam and such places seem to glide through the streets in their gorgeous dresses without so much as breaking a sweat... anyway, lets hope the tropical weather is kind to us on saturday and allows us to celebrate the beginning of summer and the end of 'red lantern' for this year. there will be a lot going on this saturday at 'red lantern' but i thought i'd take the time to tell you in advance what mr. dean. winter of the 'royal exchange', 32 bolton st newcastle, is up to this saturday. to support 'red lantern' dean is holding a film evening to coincide with the last market. dean will be screening 'raise the red lantern' a fantastic film i mentioned in an earlier blog and one of my favourite chinese films. it stars the wonderful actress gong li and if you are able to get to the 'royal exchange' you really should take the opportunity to see this visually stunning film on the big screen at a very cute venue. the 'royal exchange' is a hidden gem of newcastle and a little like a speakeasy from times old.. here is the link which also tells you about the film

Monday, December 6, 2010

saturday night in old shanghai...i mean newcastle!!

saturday will be the last red lantern for this year and i hope you will come and help us celebrate!!! the last two markets have been fantastic and there has been a real variety of people visiting which has been great.  if you come this week bring someone new, who hasn't been before, and if you know an international student or visitors to the city bring them along to experience a different side to newcastle!! that has been one of the big aims of red lantern- to get people coming back into the city and to show everyone that you can create exciting interesting happenings in spaces that have been very silent for a long time. colour, people, movement, music, sound, food- all those essential ingredients that a thriving city needs... so, lots will be happening on saturday. music: 'nick & liesl', 'earthen rhythms', jack dawson and a busking competition will be taking place. the funky little rickshaw will be operating for rides, first light entertainment will wow you with a fire show and other suprises!!! we'll have some new stallholders this time 'round: anna marie de cruz, biddy accessories, blossom and cat and the strutt sisters to name a few as well as lots of other very talented stallholders. around 80 this time. you'll just have to come along and see all the talented people that live and work in newcastle. more tomorrow....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

it's one to go, go, go!!!

red lantern november 27,  (conor ashleigh)

it's been a mighty month of markets and it has really been amazing!! my blog hasn't been happening but i promise i have putting my all into 'red lantern'!!! tomorrow is the first day, of the last week, of this years three red lantern night market dates... in honour of all the creative people involved i'll concoct a little story tomorrow night about the coming saturday. it's going to be a great night, so if you're reading this blog and haven't been yet, book saturday night in if you can!!! til tomorrow night,