Thursday, October 27, 2011

Help raise funds to make Red Lantern Night Market happen on POZIBLE!!

red lantern night market is now on the Crowd Funding site Pozible
you can help make our special one night only event this november 26th fantastic!!! click onto any of the amount buttons on the right to get started and get to the POZIBLE site!! or click the link above!! all of us at red lantern night market will be VERY grateful- artists, designers, generally crafty people plus all of the wonderful thousands of people who come to the event.

we already have some great sponsors including renew newcastle, imprint, newcastle now, the newcastle herald and now you if you come on board!!! your pledges will go towards: a sound desk and sound desk operator to make our performers sound fantastic, lighting the red lanterns for the first time, lighting stalls and installing light sculptures, having a lantern making workshop for children which they can take home, bringing a dragon and lion dancing and drumming group to red lantern and any additional funds will go into performance and entertainment!!

you can win some amazing prizes in each funding category from our amazing stallholders + other great incentives on the higher levels- lanterns, hand screen-printed limited addition red lantern night market bags & tea towels and appearing on all our advertising material in the higher categories.

thank-you in advance!!! justine, red lantern night market

Monday, October 24, 2011

the stage is set, the lanterns are being unpacked, stay tuned...

so... its time for the the chinese whispers to start... if you read this blog tell a friend if you love the event tell a friend if you would like to come please do! its one date only this year so make sure you write the date in your little planning book!!! if there is something you would love to see at red lantern this year please let me know. its going to be exciting, i promise!!!! oh! and please stay tuned as red lantern is about to be listed on the crowd funding site pozible and you will be able to contribute directly to make this years event even more amazing!!!!