Friday, October 8, 2010

today in the city of newcastle

today I just walked around the city for a while. thinking..... wondering what was possible and looking around me. I ran into a girl Rose who I'd met once before. She looked lovely and was going on a 'lady date'. Then I looked across the road and saw a sign for a different type of lady.... There are lots of great signs around town and I took photos of a few. There are so many stories just below the surface in this city. Some times you just have to stand still or look up instead of down....  It never grows old listening to the sounds of the ships entering or leaving the harbour. That deep sound that is full of romance. I ran into a friend with his three kids and looked in on another in her fabulous new cafe. Down the other end of Hunter St. In ''The Mall''. The girl rose was there too.... Then I just sat and stared and wondered what was possible....

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