Thursday, October 7, 2010

so here goes...

so here goes... Day 1. I never intended on blogging but I'm thinking the only chance I have of reaching all the people I want to reach is by jumping into the wormhole. I've got six weeks, 44 days actually, to pull this years Red Lantern Night Market together. If I actually concentrate on that number I start to squirm. So instead I'm going to jump into the deep end of the deep end and see what I can come up with. At the end of those 44 days will be the first of three night markets. Last years market was massive: art and design market stalls, street performance, percussion groups, and beautiful red lanterns and people. The number of people who visited the market was amazing- posts on The Herald website suggested that the images had been photoshopped. Not true. Anyway, people took it upon themselves and blocked off the street and had a big party. This year I hope it will be even bigger. The call out now is for all you creative types to get in contact if you're interested in having a stall. Or if you would like to be involved as a performer for that matter. If not you then pass on the news to all the creative people you may know.  So.... lets see what happens in the next 44 days! Thanks!

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