Tuesday, October 19, 2010

dancing in the streets at red lantern

a little bit of programming! the first 'red lantern night market' this year will be held on the 20th and november and we will be collaborating with 'livesites' who will produce an evening of 'dancing in the streets'.... dancing in the hunter st mall- what a nice idea! the dancing will be just outside david jones which means the whole of hunter st mall will be full of people, colour, music, performance and dance which will be amazing. i hope as many people as possible will come along and that we will all be bumping shoulders with each other... i'm sitting down tomorrow to put the finishing touches on the 'red lantern' postcard which will be sent out to little pockets all around town. if one happens to land in your letterbox stick it on your fridge so you don't forget! thats enough blatant advertising....good news for the second market! birds and belles, a fantastic indie group from newcastle, will be playing as well as novokasatria javanese gamelan orchestra and shaddow puppet performance. more on all of that later...

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