Monday, November 1, 2010

some of those young folk...

i'm rather excited that some of those 'bright young things' will be at 'red lantern' again! it is rather confronting when you meet some of the fantastically talented people around town and you realise, when examining the conversation afterwards, that you come from a very different era on the time chart and that, in theory, they could actually be you progeny! this has happened to me a bit of late! maybe 40 is the new 20 but i think i'm only fooling myself... anyway there are lots of very cute kids around town at the moment. their style is very quaint with a dash of the 20's a bit of the 30's and a pinch of the 50's together with a spoonful of the 80's, that somewhat hurts the eyes of us who were there, at the same time as stirring nostalgia... that's just fashion though and underneath all that wackiness there are some seriously talented artists. one of my favourite artists amongst this new guard, or 'young and baroque' is a particular young fellow about town david hampton, he gets about in lovely waistcoats, and makes wonderful prints, of which, i am lucky enough to have one. david will be at red lantern which is very exciting but before then i believe you may be able to see his work at a artists market this weekend in the east of newcastle above one penny black. it is a great little market that sells art and yummy food and other such things. it is in fact called 'young and baroque' and you should check it out.

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