Monday, November 15, 2010

oh dear!!!

i must admit that i have totally lost the plot with my supposed daily blog!! i've been run off my feet trying to do all the last minute organising and i just haven't had any steam left to wax lyrical at the end of my 12 hour days. but i do solelmly swear the 'red lantern night market' will be lots of fun with fantastic things to see and will live up to what has been promised!!! unlike my blog which started out as a daily running commentary and didn't quiet deliver!! so here is a little ditty! get ready, it goes a little something like this: sarsparilly, encircled, lhami, swiz is smitten, electric firefly, funk you up, soto & spunky, ciao meow, misconduct, clay & edie, tillymuz, pashom.... and more!!! did you get it?! they're the names of some of the fantastic people that will grace the footpaths and alleyways at 'red lantern'. it's going to be fun.... you betch ya it is!!!!! night!!!

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