Thursday, November 4, 2010

i have another market too!

it's been a hard job juggling the two markets over the last months. if you haven't been to my other market it's called 'the olive tree market' and it has been running for the last two years- the market really belongs to all the fantastically talented people who have great stalls!!! i started 'olive tree' with my two partners bec and ally- two beautiful sisters who have been wonderful friends and inspirations. last year we started 'red lantern' together, but this year i'm going it alone, because the girls have just started a new cafe 'one penny black'. if you haven't been go along and support a new institution!!  i can well and truly say it is much more fun collaborating on a market than trying to do it on your own!!! a good collaborative relationship is a real gift, and i think coming from a background in film, i prefer to work in that way. i miss the girls anyway!!! so... olive tree is newcastle's first dedicated art and design market and it has really settled into being a regular on many people's calenders. it's a fantastic venue for many local artists to show their work and make a go at earning a living. it's also allows our community to see how many talented people actually live here!! so, if you're from out of town, or from nearby and haven't dropped in before, come and visit us this saturday. it's meant to rain but we will be there either way!! actually, it would be abnormal for 'olive tree' to have a beautiful day with a sky full of blue!! i must say we 'novocastrians' need grow a spine when it comes to 'bad' weather. a little rain is not going to kill you!!! anyway... it's my birthday too so perhaps i'll bake a cake tomorrow and i may even make the effort and wear a dress on saturday. speaking of dresses!! when i was in china town last week, buying the lanterns for 'red lantern', i bought a rather super chinese dress in black silk that is very cute, actually it's sexy, and perhaps i will wear it to the last red lantern! it's a bit revealing for me, and i'm no slip of a girl, but what the hell it would look good in the rickshaw! here is the 'olive tree' poster if you haven't seen it.


  1. Happy birthday for tomorrow - I'll be popping by the markets for a pre-Christmas look-see.

  2. Happy belated Birthday! Hope you've had a wonderful day :)
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