Tuesday, November 2, 2010

oh! to have such lanterns...

image just being able to invite a few thousand people to the centre of newcastle, and then sitting down together, we could all at once release thousands of beautiful paper lantern lights into the sky. i can hear the silence of the moment and then the small feeling of warmth as they floated up into the night sky....but we have a thing call 'public liability insurance' and 'flight paths' which have made such a thing 'too risky'. what a pity....mmm,  it would be a lovely thing to do so i might talk to those in power again tomorrow and see if there is a way... i've started putting the posters around town so you may see them in a window near you very soon. i think that are lovely, and gwena my gorgeous french graphic designer, has done a beautiful job. if your looking for a talented person to help you she has great ideas. gwena came up with a number of different designs for this years poster and it was hard to make a decision.  i'll show you a few in the coming days. i've just decided that i might sell them on the market nights because i think they would look pretty on your wall at home. what do you think??

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