Tuesday, November 15, 2011

these people are fantastic! join them and pledge on pozible!!

we are getting close to our goal in pozible!!! jump on here now!!!red lantern on pozible your pledges will be used to make our event spectacular on november 26th. red lantern night market is very grateful to all the 'sponsors' on pozible who have so generously contributed to our event that its got us thinking that we just might reach our $3500 goal!!! we have now hit 86% i.e. $3025!! we have 5 days to go. so if you haven't make a pledge yet we would love you for it so go ahead and directly contribute to a great project that will benefit many people- even you!!

these are our amazing supporters who have done so until this point:

ranene elley, martes kakavas, sharon grierson, michelle cree, melissa meeks, wyan sari, beverly deeming, mike jackson, anna farthing, deborah gadd, natalie kubs, johannes gees, peppa eden-shiomi, silvana milat, karen foster, zoe tjanavaras, clare weeks, maree koen, roderick smith, evonne erwin, marni jackson, zoe berry, Kathryn Hutchins, phil maher, Bree Forrer, justine potter, johanna macnaughtan, lynden jacobi, brianna brent, vicki Meskauskas, simone sheriden, kellie thoroughgood, victoria farrow, margaret smith, david hampton, frane crane, marion surmund, marcus westbury, kris peskis, jennifer bedford, cheeksmeeks, lauren boyd, rick chen, wayne mullen, one penny black espresso bar, lesley allanson, makespace, miranda earle, alisha hinds art, julie stoddart, trevor dickinson, nerida walker, jo dyer, doll eyes, miskonduct klothing, beverly deeming, jane blackall, blackbird corner, blueberry paper, helen louise wilkinson!!!

these people are fantastic!!!!! you should join them...

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